Artificial Intelligence has Entered the Chat…

Kate Kriner, PHRca

Artificial Intelligence or “AI” might be the word of 2023 (even though forms of AI have been around since the 1950s). Most recently Generative AI (ChatGPT being a well-known example) has been the topic of the year. Generative AI means quite simply that you provide an input and the machine, or program, provides an output.  Recent use of Generative AI has increased significantly and has probably the most potential to impact the workplace and HR, specifically. Unfortunately, it also has quite a lot of potential to create privacy concerns, give rise to bias and discrimination claims, and violate confidentiality and security guidelines.

Both President Biden and Governor Newsom have each issued an Executive Order in the last few months about AI. Both orders focus on ensuring that all AI systems are safe, secure and trustworthy. Neither Executive Orders directly impacts private employers currently, but as we have seen in the past, we know to expect that to change sooner rather than later. Whether the government can even keep up with this quickly changing technology with regulations remains to be seen. 

Ideally, we as HR professionals and business owners are at least having conversations about AI. You can start by thinking about how you might already be using AI, and if so, consider if you need to have a policy (or policies) in place. Think about the business implications, privacy concerns, ethical obligations, etc. of the tool.

  • Is it being used in a way that unintentional discrimination may be occurring? (Several job screening tools utilizing AI have led to lawsuits and EEO claims of discrimination).
  • Are you able to keep confidential business information private?
  • Is personal information about your employees and customers secure?

As always, please contact your Silvers HR Consultant to think out loud about this. Just don’t only ask ChatGPT.