Employee Retention

Attract And Retain Top Employees

…and increase productivity and profitability

The cost of vacant positions and employee turnover can take a significant slice out of your organization’s profits. Knowing what the costs are is the beginning to managing the risks associated with turnover. Through HR consulting, we help employers measure the cost of turnover and develop programs to shorten days-to-fill open positions and retain key talent. We can customize a program to meet your company’s needs.


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How to keep employee retention

Our customized employee retention and attraction programs include:

  • Recruiting strategies to find the best markets and reduce days-to-fill that vacancy
  • A talent acquisition plan encompassing the complete recruitment program a competitive employer must have
  • Effective interviewing tools to screen the best suited candidates
  • Recruiting process design
  • Designing an onboarding program and new hire orientation to speed productivity and reduce turnover
  • Designing effective training programs
  • Establishing measurable performance standards
  • Benefits program review and design.
  • Exit interviews


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