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Have more peace of mind knowing you are fulfilling your legal obligations—at every stage of your company’s growth – with our comprehensive and confidential Human Resources Practices Review, which some call an HR Audit.

What our clients have to say about our HR Practices Review:

“As an employment law firm, we see so many costly claims that could have been avoided with a Review like this. Silvers HR offers streamlined, practical solutions and advice that will save clients far more than the cost of the Review in the long run!”

Jennifer Duggan, Senior Partner | Duggan McHugh

“The best way to prevent litigation is to identify potential issues early.  That’s why every business should use Silvers HR to conduct an HR Practices Review.  It’s an invaluable service!”

Jennifer Shaw, President | Shaw Law Group, PC

“I have complete confidence and trust in referring my clients to Silvers HR to conduct a human resources compliance audit.  With its highly skilled team, Silvers HR takes clients down the compliance path with easy-to-follow steps, while maintaining business as usual, with a little fun thrown in.  It’s an odds-defying balance that has never let clients down.  Silvers HR also knows how to partner with outside counsel in managing client audits. In one word, Silvers HR is about excellence.”

Sue Ann Van Dermyden, Senior Partner | Van Dermyden Makus, Investigations Law Firm

“The entire process from our initial meeting to the presentation of the final report was seamless, professional, and thorough.  The findings were clear and the explanations were presented very well.  Overall the whole experience was a valuable check-in when it comes to HR compliance. Audits can be very uncomfortable, tense and more often, intimidating.  Kim and Susan were just the opposite.  They were very approachable and friendly, which made the process easy and relaxed.”

Allison Otto, President & CEO | Otto Construction

An HR Practices Compliance Review allows you to:

  • Determine the effectiveness/ROI of your Human Resources functions and practices
  • Gain confidential insight into your company’s compliance with the myriad of state and federal personnel regulations
  • Assess your vulnerabilities for employment related fines, penalties and lawsuits
  • Reduce your risk of potential lawsuits from dissatisfied applicants and ex-employees
  • Reduce your unemployment claims costs
  • Increase employee attraction and retention rates